"In this compassionately told narrative topped with sprinkles of introspective poetry, Devrah offers up her spiritual pilgrimage that opens doorways for each and every reader to enter so as to reclaim Self.

Dr. Lana Marconi - Best Selling Author and Educator

"The Magic Doorway Into the Divine is the best book on Spirituality that I've ever read! Devrah Laval offers us simple and practical tools to move beyond pain and suffering into the light of our true nature. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to gain greater insight and awareness."

Lily Lok, Researcher

"The Magic Doorway Into the Divine has universal appeal, as it is written not from any standpoint of spiritual superiority but from a place of genuine candidness and openness of heart. Devrah wants the reader to realize that they too, in their deepest core, are the Reality she is writing about."

S. A. McMurtry Ph. D., Comparative Religion

"The Magic Doorway Into the Divine the quintessential guide for anyone with the courage and the heart to embark on the journey to higher consciousness. It is poignantly crafted with the clarity, compassion, insight, and wisdom of one who has walked the journey home."

Krystal Dhyan, Conscious Living Coach, Vancouver