The End of Sin

When we no longer believe in sin the world as we know it will end. A new world will arise, a world without doubt, fear, unworthiness and guilt. A world founded on love, forgiveness, compassion and oneness. We will remember who we are, we will remember what we forgot, and we will know where we belong.

In a dream, I was play-wrestling with a friend by a pool of water. We were both wearing big boots and what looked like battle fatigues. I could not see a face, but I could feel how much I cared for this person . As we continued, our wrestling became more intense and I vividly recall accidentally kicking my friend with my heavy boot, which unbalanced him and caused him to fall into a deep pool of dark water. I remember being shocked, as I’d had no intention of harming him. I desperately tried to save him, but his body felt like a dead weight.

I was worried that the kick might have knocked him out. I called for help, but no one was around. I struggled for what seemed like an eternity until finally I managed to retrieve his body, only to discover that he was dead. In a panic, I dragged the body to a treed area and dug him a shallow grave. I felt I needed to hide what had happened because I somehow knew that no one would understand that my actions were innocent, without malicious intent.

The next morning, I awoke to my normal environment in deep shock. As I looked around the room, I barely recognized the surroundings—it was almost as though I was still in the dream. It was as if time had dissolved and no boundaries existed between the present and past. I didn’t know what was a dream and what was reality anymore because I felt that I was traversing through unknown territory. Terrified and confused, I began grasping pieces of furniture and objects in the room, I recall even grabbing hold of the rim of the bathroom sink just to see if it was solid and real – fully expecting it to completely dissolve in my hand. I tried with all my might to ground myself in the midst of this transcendental experience. The veil that separates the dream world from the waking state had evaporated and left me feeling like Alice in Wonderland. As I tried to go about my day, I kept asking myself, “Whom did I kill?” I traced back through my whole life from the time I was a young child to try to recall if I had actually harmed someone. I was grief-stricken, and I was unable to function normally, so I just cancelled my day. I sat down on the floor, exhausted, leaned against a wall, and prayed, “Please forgive me, please show me what I did.”

I felt I committed the ultimate Sin, but I no longer could distinguish between my sleeping dream and my so-called waking life. I’d heard about this sort of thing, but I had no understanding of how to deal with it. Feeling helpless, I just closed my eyes and started meditating, hoping to get some insight. Then, after a long while, something began to change in my conscious awareness. I was no longer in an uneventful meditation; instead, I was suddenly catapulted into a greatly expanded perspective. I relived my “bad” dream, except I was now witnessing it from a higher level of consciousness—higher than I had viewed anything before. I felt as though I were at the very top of a mountain sitting with a divine or God-like presence that was giving me a true vision of what was real. Simultaneously, I also experienced the most love I’d ever been bestowed in my whole life.

Together, as one set of eyes, this divine presence and I reviewed this “bad” dream once again but as a detached observer. It was shown to me in an odd way: as I watched what appeared to be below me, I recall looking upon my own confused self with the utmost compassion and love, rather than the guilt and fear that I had felt when I had experienced the dream the first time. What had the greatest impact on me was that I was shown how absolutely pure and innocent I really was, contrary to a belief I had always carried that I was a sinner and somehow inherently bad. I was awestruck at the recognition of my inherent purity. This sin that I thought I had committed was shown to be just a bad dream. As I kept viewing these images, and myself I saw that the entire world, that we believe to be real, is no different—it is just a dream as well. We awaken from our night time dreams, believing them to be true and real while in them, only to enter into our daytime dream actually believing that we are awake when in fact this world that we call ‘reality’ is simply another dream. But we are not awake, we are still asleep and now I understood why great master’s come here – to teach us to awaken from this worldly dream/illusion.

The experience of witnessing the dream we call the world was like watching a movie with a myriad of characters coming and going in meaningless movements that to them were serious and real. It was like observing a made-up child’s game, similar to cowboys and Indians, where the worldly characters just keep on fighting and knocking one another down. I felt I was waking up from the dream I had thought was my life, and I saw just how much time and energy had been wasted by living in conflict within myself as well as with others, when what was really true was this overwhelming feeling of peace and love.

As I sat in this exalted place, I realized that nothing was real but this profound love. No judgment, no blame, no guilt of any kind existed here. Only One—only love. Everything else was an invented illusion based on some strange belief in separation and sin. In fact, I understood that we are loved unconditionally, and at the absolute level, sin does not exist. Sin is just our confusion about the truth, so we feel guilty and punish ourselves and others, thereby keeping this movie—the illusion that we call “life”—going.

I saw that the rules of our illusory world are very different from what is real. The truth as I experienced it is that we are loved beyond our limited forms more than we can possibly imagine—we are with this source or God always. In fact, we’ve never left, as our illusion would have us believe: the physical world is just a dream; it is illusory and therefore, sin is unreal in that it exists only in the illusion. The moment when I truly understood this, deep shivers of the words, “You are forgiven,” reverberated throughout my whole being and I felt as if every sin I thought I had committed was cleansed from me.

Once I saw that at the real level, which is where we truly exist – that being with God/absolute reality, there is no sin, hence there is no “other” to sin against because we are already one. The truth is there is only One, only Love. And if there were such a thing as sin, it would be the belief that we are separate from this exquisite source.

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.